!!Self Funding
Alternative Funding (or Self Funding) allows your company the flexibility to design a plan that fits your needs and the opportunity to take greater control of your healthcare dollars.
||Intro to Self-Funding||Why Choose Self-Funding
|[An Introduction to Self-Funding]|[Many Advantages]
|[TPAs Understanding the Definitions]|[Minimal Rate Increases vs Traditional Plans]
|[Basics of Stop Loss]|[Savings That Stay with the Health Plan]
|[Is Self-Funding Right for My Business]|[Better Control of Health Claim Costs]
|[Choosing a TPA]|[Plans Custom Designed]
|[Why Workplace Wellness is Important]|[Increased Employee Involvement]
|[Putting a Workplace Wellness Program in Place]|[Uniformity and Transparency]
|[FAQs about Self-Funded Health Plans]|[Government Compliance Help]
|[Understanding ERISA and Fiduciary Duty]|[Risk Management Stop Loss]
|[Self-Funding State vs Federal Mandates]|[Partnership with an Experienced TPA]
| |[Employee Retention Tool]
| |[Better Control of Prescription Costs]
| |[Focus on Price Transparency]
| |[Outside the Box]
!!Self-Funding in Action
*[In The Industry]